Mike Flutka

Director – Finance & Administration

Mike is a recent addition to the SYNMP team, joining in April 2018. He has over 10 years of experience in marketing finance, administration & operations. He’s got a blackbelt in P&L management and a keen eye for detail. He nerds out about process improvement and loves implementing new platforms. Mike is looking forward to applying his experience in the industry to support Synergy as it continues to grow and add to its already impressive client roster.

As a resident of the Gold Coast/River North neighborhoods of Chicago for 10 years, Mike is the only SYNMP employee that doesn’t own a car and commutes to work via public transportation. In the summer, you can find him cocktailing on a patio, biking along the lakefront, or walking his chihuahua/rat terror (not a typo) mix, Quincy. In the winter, you’ll find him on a beach in Hawaii or Mexico… or talking about how he’s heading to a beach in Hawaii or Mexico soon.

Mike’s Top 5 Podcasts

  1. 99% Invisible
  2. Reply All
  3. Planet Money
  4. Freakanomics Radio
  5. That Awful Sound