Mike Sperger

Sr. Account Executive

A Cleveland native, Mike earned his Bachelor’s degree of Specialized Studies in Sociology and Advertising from Ohio University, forever sealing his love for the State of O-H-I-O.

Immediately after his graduation, he began his career in the Experiential Marketing world, traveling across the continental US for a year as a Tour Driver for Sony Playstation. Over the next ten years Mike spent the first half working in Client Service where he then decided to move over to the Production and Operation side of the business. With his intimate knowledge of what the Client wants, needs and expects, Mike excels at taking those big ideas and making them into successful, effective activations.

In his spare time, Mike likes to build log cabins, mow the lawn, chase after his two kids, Max (3) and Piper (1), while working on his ever expanding “get-it-done-list” from his wife, Jamie. Every once in a while he gets a chance to relax with his 120 lb dog, Clyde.