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Megan Kengott

Senior Account Executive

Megan joined Synergy in 2016 having spent time on the Account side for Digital, Sampling, Shopper and Broadcast TV advertising. Her diverse background has proven invaluable in grasping new concepts and executing quickly. She received her bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from Northern Illinois University, where she was the recipient of the Dennis & Stacey Barsema Endowed Scholarship of Business.

Some fun facts about Megan is that she was on Oprah for being a triplet, participates in at least one Sprint Triathlon a year, isn’t a morning coffee drinker and enjoys teaching her new dog new tricks with Husband, Mark.  

Top 5 Favorite Scents

  1. Suntan lotion
  2. Blown out candles
  3. Chocolate scent in the loop
  4. Fresh Laundry
  5. Bacon