John Hackett

Software Engineer

John's passion for technology and programming began while still in high school. Mind you, this was the dark days before Google and high-speed internet - so it was a lot of trial and error and taking apart existing software to figure things out. Discovering that he had a knack for it, he began developing websites and writing additional functionality into IRC chats for fun as a teenager. After a few changes to his career path, including a couple years as a welder and union Ironworker, John went back to school to achieve a degree in Computer Sciences and Software Engineering. Since then, John has had the privilege of working in a wide variety of industries including e-commerce, marketing, civil engineering, non-profit, start-ups, and events & promotions.

In his free time, John loves to cook (especially if someone else is doing the dishes!), enjoys watching movies or catching up on the latest binge worthy show, and spending time with friends. John loves all types of music and enjoys spending a lot of the summer months going to outdoor festivals and concerts. He is also a dog dad to a 2 year old mixed breed named Dixie. It is no surprise that he loves to spoil her with new toys and walks in the park when the weather is nice.