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Jeff Schwartz

Managing Partner

Jeff has been designing and executing one-on-one consumer experiences for big brands for 15+ years.

Currently a Managing Partner at SYNMP, Jeff focuses on short/long-term agency planning and ensuring financial health of the company. In addition, Jeff develops processes to seamlessly integrate internal departments, builds budgets and marketing strategies for clients and leads day-to-day Sr. Account leads.

Jeff has worked with big brands such as Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, General Motors, AB/InBev, Allstate, Illinois Lottery, EJ Gallo, Illinois Department of Transportation, Miller Coors, Bacardi, Fox Sports and GrubHub.

Jeff and his wife have two children, Ella (6) and Cayden (4), and live in the west suburbs of Chicago. He enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid Chicago sports fan.

"Consumers consider brands they both understand and can relate to. It’s our job to make that connection.”

Top 5 Sports Movies

  1. Rocky -- fight in 2 was superior, but overall the best
  2. Bad News Bears --Original- Uncut!
  3. Rudy – “You're five foot nothin. A hundred and nothin. And you have barely a speck of athletic ability”.
  4. Field of Dreams -- “If you build it” …enough said
  5. Hoosiers – “I’ll make it”