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Hank Marquardt

Director - IT

Before coming to SYNMP, Hank managed a split career focus, spending most of the 90s in business operations in the banking industry and then transitioning full time to technology in development and engineering for the last 15 years. Hank brings the ability to bridge the business need with the technology solution; understanding the problem and building or managing the solution. The calm, quiet one on the team, Hank brings a stable base to what can be an occasionally frenetic environment!

Outside of office hours, Hank is married to Susan and has a couple college students that call him Dad. He plays in a local original-rock band, likes to camp and fish, and a couple times a year likes to go hunt (photographically) snakes … yes, that last part makes some people think he’s a little weird, but we like him anyway!

Top 5 Favorite Authors

  1. Daniel Silva
  2. John Sandford
  3. Michael Connelly
  4. Lee Child
  5. Thomas Perry