Eric Kieffer

Digital Experience Director

Eric joins SYNMP with a diverse consulting and software engineering background, spanning a broad range of industries and technologies. In previous roles he has implemented processes and applications that have increased efficiency, expanded offerings, and improved the user experience. With a sharp focus on detail and analytical problem solving, Eric aspires to deliver high-quality, cutting-edge digital solutions to internal and external clients.

Occasionally masked under a pensive shell, Eric hides a young-at-heart, humorous, and creative personality. His adventurous spirit has led him throughout the mid & western states, accumulating a volume of nearly unbelievable life stories.

While Eric’s wife, Rebecca, and teen daughter, Kyra, have mastered the art of eye-rolling or simply ignoring his antics, they still revel in time together in a forest or on a beach. His family is also outnumbered by their four non-human companions, consisting of a smoky Siamese mix, a red-brown Miniature Pinscher, a golden-red Pointer mix, and a marbled Ball Python.

It is rumored that Eric’s genes may contain trace elements of fish DNA, as he is driven toward a variety of aquatic activities, including swimming, jacuzziing, snorkeling, body-surfing, SUPing, tubing, sailing, kayaking, fishing, skiing (it’s still water, just frozen), and even bathing & showering!

TOP 5 TOP 1’s

  1. Residence: Kailua-Kona, HI
  2. Beer: Delirium Tremens
  3. Movie: The Matrix
  4. Artist: Salvador Dali
  5. Quote: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.“